Who are we

Alphabot caters to the needs of traders by facilitating a diverse, dedicated personnel, ranging from developers and quantitative researchers to designers. We started venturing in algorithmic trading to make it easier and more approachable for investors and traders in India.

Alphabot is a trading interface for retail traders and investors. We provide automation of complex trading strategies in Equity, Forex, and Derivative markets.

AI is the name of the game of the future. Analysing millions of data points, finding the dips and appropriate highs for investing is an intensive approach to forecast investing tips across geographies and types of assets.

Who We are

Key highlights

Tech Friendly approach

Easily customizable

Continuous improvement and expansion

Fast and reliable


How It works

Traders and investors can make precise entry, exit, and money management rules into automated trading systems. The well-framed trading bot structure allows the trader to execute and monitor the trades.

Significant attractions of strategy automation take some of the pattern out of trading; since trades are automatically placed once specific criteria are met. The trade entry and exit may depend on simple rules, such as a moving average crossover, or maybe a complicated algo trading strategy. Alphabot is one of a kind trading experience that works for your trading aspirations. Alphabot provides you with an interface that is comprehensive and well-versed in the algo-trading techniques day in and day out.