Customised Services

Our goal oriented approach ensures that you earn maximized returns from the market on your capital.

We provide you with the best performing, tried and tested trade algorithms that make your trading free of any human error – whether it be miscalculated step or to the emotional bias.

If you’re dealing with a large capital, i.e. INR 25 lacs and above, then we can provide you exclusive, customized, one-to-one services. This way, we’ll be with you every step of the way and we’ll ensure that you derive maximum profits from the market on your capital, while taking minimum risks.

Don’t just take us for our word. Take a look at our figures. They speak for themselves.

Customised Services

How we do it?

AI Driven
With the help of AI, we evaluate enormous amounts of data to minimize risks and maximize profits for all our trades

Fully Quantitative and Automated
By conductive rigorous backtesting, we ensure that our models perform in the real world, and by completely automating the process we ensure that there is no chance of a human error.

Low Software Application Fees
At Alphabot, we make it a point to keep the software application fees low.

Exhaustive Screening
All the approved Alphabot algorithms can be expected to show a Sharpe Ratio of at least 1.5.

Global Fund
Alphabot deploys its proprietary algorithms on emerging markets globally.

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