What Is Alphabot?

It is a platform that provides you automated trading strategies that can be deployed on your account directly. You can select which strategies you want to follow and they will be auto traded in your brokerage account.

What If I Don’t Want to Auto trade?

Alphabot allows communication based model as well where the entry and exits of all the trades will be sent to you real time via email.

Who Is It for?

Alphabot is for anyone who wants a portion of their money professionally traded for them and does not want to try and analyze the markets, identify trades, and manage positions. A subscription to Alphabot allows you to have multiple trading strategies working for you, finding trades and executing them for you if you desire.

How Much Capital Is Required?

For each strategy, there is a “Sugg Cap” detail information which is the minimum amount recommended for trading 1 lot of that particular strategy. For some strategies, it is as low as Rs 50,000

What Does it Trade?

Our strategies trade different products including Futures, Options and Equity Cash

Can I Make Money In a Falling Market?

Yes, Alphabot uses multiple trading strategies that can make money in different kinds of markets. Some strategies do well in trending markets whereas some strategies do well in sideways markets.

How Much Does Alphabot Cost? What is the difference between Subscription Cost and Strategy Fee?

There are 2 costs for trading strategies on Alphabot. First is monthly subscription fee which is based on the number of strategies you want to trade. Secondly, each strategy has a monthly fee (some strategies are free as well). Alphabot gives you 1 free Simulated Strategy so that you can test the system before going live.

Do I Need to Leave My Current Broker?

Alphabot currently works on Upstox, Zerodha and Fyers. If you already have account with either of these brokers, you can start auto trading. Otherwise, we will request you to open an account with one of these brokers.

What Brokers Are Compatible With Alphabot?

Upstox, Zerodha and Fyers.

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

Trading is a game of probabilities. And past results are not a guarantee for future performance. While the strategies at Alphabot have worked very well in the past, there is not guarantee how long it will take to get similar results once you start trading. Alphabot therefore offers a wide variety of strategies to choose from. Moreover, complete backtesting reports are shared so that you can make informed decisions.

Can I monitor trades real time?

Yes, you can simply log on to your trading account and see all the trades on real time basis.

What is the difference between Automatic Trading and Semi Automatic Trading?

In Automatic trading, you provide us with your trading accounts username and password so that our bots are automatically log on to your trading account every morning. In Semi Automatic Trading, you don’t have to provide us your username and password. But you will have to login everyday to your trading account by 8:30 AM.

Can I trade my own strategy automatically?

You can send us your strategy for getting it coded. Only if the strategy is good, we will put it on the leaderboard. Then you can subscribe to that strategy and trade it automatically.

How can I earn money at Alphabot by sharing my strategies?

We will backtest and code your strategy. You are free to add any Monthly Fee to your strategy. All the traders who subscribe to your strategy will pay the Monthly fee. Alphabot keeps 20% of the monthly fee and the remaining is transferred to you every month. Please note only profitable strategies will be added on Alphabot after thorough backtesting so that the user experience is not diminished.

Do I have to keep my account logged in?

If you have chosen Semi Automatic trading, all you need to do is login to your account at 8:30 AM. You can then log off your account after 9:30. In case you have chosen Automatic trading, you don’t have to login/logoff at all.

How can I check which strategies are running for me?

You can log on to your account at Alphabot. Then you can go to “My Strategies” tab. All the strategies which show “RUNNING” in the status are currently running for you.

Can I stop a strategy? If yes, how?

Yes, you can stop the any strategy any time. To do that, go to “My Strategies” tab and click on Action. Here you will be provided with “Stop Strategy” option. Once you stop the strategy, the status of the strategy will also change to STOPPED.

Can I restart a strategy? If yes, how?

Yes, you can restart the strategy. To do that, go to “My Strategies” tab and click on Action. Here you will be provided with “Start Strategy” option. Once you start the strategy, the status of the strategy will also change to RUNNING. The strategy will be started the next day.

Can I change number of lots for a strategy? If yes, how?

Yes, you can change the number of lots to be traded for any strategy. To do that, go to “My Strategies” tab and click on Action. Here you will be provided with “Change Lots” option. Once you change the lots, the next valid trade will be traded with updated lots size. Do keep in mind, that in case you are changing the lot during market hours and first leg of the strategy has been triggered, then the next leg of the strategy will get triggered with updated lot size. So this may result in unequal lots and you will have to square them off manually.

Can I change the broker? If yes, how?

Yes, you can change the broker. To do that, go to “My Strategies” tab and click on Action. Here you will be provided with “Change Broker” option. You will have to fill all the details for the new broker. The strategy will get restarted from next day after you change the broker.

I have referred a friend. When will I see my bonus credit?

Once your friend purchases any of the monthly subscriptions, the bonus credit will be reflected in your account.

Can I purchase multiple strategies? If yes how?

Yes you can purchase multiple strategies. Do note that different subscription plans allow different number of strategies to be purchased on a monthly basis. So you might have to upgrade your subscription plan if you are subscribing to many strategies.

Why are you taking aadhar card and pan card details?

As part of compliance, these documents are taken from you when you subscribe to any strategy and give consent to run these strategies on your trading account.

Do you include transaction and brokerage costs in your calculation?

No, transaction and brokerage costs are not included in the calculations since these differ from broker to broker.