1. Register your FREE account on Alphabot. https://www.alphabottrading.com/register

2. Once you are registered, you reach your dashboard. Since you have currently not subscribed to any strategy, the dashboard is empty. https://www.alphabottrading.com/my-account/dashboard

3. Click on leaderboard to find the list of strategies offered by Alphabot. https://www.alphabottrading.com/my-account/leader-board

4. Get overview of each strategy here like historical ROI per year, maximum drawdown and suggested capital for 1 lot of trading. It also shows the historical average daily profit and the number of subscribers of the strategy currently. Each strategy has a strategy fee associated with it.

5. You can get more details by clicking on the Name of the strategy to reach the detail page https://www.alphabottrading.com/strategy/bounce/details

6. On this page, you can get historical trades of the strategy as well as the equity curve.

7. Going back to the Leaderboard page, you can make the strategy as your favorite by click WATCH. If you would like to do paper trading, then you can click SIM. If you want to do live trading then you have to click LIVE. https://www.alphabottrading.com/my-account/leader-board

8. In the Standard Plan, you get 1 Free strategy that you can run on SIM (Paper trading) mode. If you would like to subscribe to LIVE strategies, please upgrade your plan. Here is the pricing. https://www.alphabottrading.com/pricing

9. Subscribing to a strategy is very easy. Just click on Live and then go through the 4 step process.

A. Choose between fully automatic trading, one click trading or email notification

B. Add your broker details here

C. Add the number of lots you want to trade.

D. Read the declaration, upload your Aadhar card and Pan card photo and click Purchase.

10. All your subscribed strategies can be accessed through “My Strategies” Page on the left menu. This page gives the statistics of each strategy which have traded on your account. https://www.alphabottrading.com/my-account/my_strategies

11. You have different options to change lots, change broker and start/stop the strategy on this page.

12. If you want to know the trades that have happened on your account, click the name of strategy to find more details: https://www.alphabottrading.com/my/strategy/bounce/details